This Is Who We Are

Action Mail Presort had its start in March 1985, as the first business venture of entrepreneur / owner Ms. Terry Thompson. It had a slow start, but steadily climbed upward.   In 1996, Bill Thompson retired as VP of Krystal Aviation and joined Action Mail Presort full time.

Over all these years, we have expanded our service area that now includes not only the Chattanooga area but also northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama.

In 1996, Action Mail Presort, Inc. relocated the entire company to a custom designed and built facility to accommodate our continuing growth. The increased space has allowed expansion of some departments and the creation of others. The new facility and its benefits have made Action Mail Presort better able to serve its customers in even more ways.


The experienced staff and operators at Action Mail Presort are the backbone of the company. We have specialists, with years of on the job experience, accomplishing the tasks to complete your job with precision and speed. Our experience and knowledge are what makes Action Mail Presort successful and competitive.


Action Mail Presort has made a commitment to its customers and community. We strive to provide the best possible services and product. This benefits both our valued clients and the people of the Chattanooga Area. By providing high quality, we attract customers from all over Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. This brings in both work and dollars to AMP and the local community. Our good name becomes a reference, and our service standards are a benchmark for other local businesses. We are proud of our work, and proud of our community. We are particularly proud to have been chosen as “Vendor of the Year” by TVA – an entity that seeks and recognizes the value of quality performance from its vendors.


We’re Opened and Relocated To Our New 12,000 Sq. ft. facility at 4830 Jersey Pike, Chattanooga, TN, To Accommodate Our Steady Growth!

With Main Offices and Production Complex located in Chattanooga, Action Mail Presort serves a local customer base comprising most of the Chattanooga and Dalton areas. Both Administration and Production are conducted from the same building, giving us a fast, efficient system. We have a 12,000 sq. ft. complex located at 4830 Jersey Pike, Chattanooga, TN. It’s freeway close and truck friendly, with large bay doors for access. There are pallet jacks and forklifts available to handle your stock. If you would like to view the secure facilities, we will gladly provide a walkthrough of our departments. We also have an open-door policy to encourage our clients to stop by anytime and see their mail as it’s being processed, NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED!


In an Industry so dependent on technology and machinery, AMP goes to great length and expense to have the best equipment and training to serve you. As well as the schooling, training and ongoing education, we have invested in equipment and control systems that are industry leaders. We have only the latest in computer systems and software, allowing AMP to process data and mail at amazingly high speeds, accurately and efficiently. The Letter Shop machinery is designed for speed, accuracy and endurance. AMP has backup hardware for fail-safe. These new technologies can speed up the logistical processes required to complete your job quickly and perfectly. AMP is committed to providing the best technology-based services and product available.


Action Mail Presort goes to great lengths to work with the most reliable and cost conscious vendors and contractors. Their good services and products allow us to provide you with the level of quality you want and deserve. In keeping with the AMP philosophy of community service, we do our best to stay local, and support the valley economy. Years have been spent building relationships with the people who supply AMP the materials and services we need. We could not do our job properly and efficiently without our incredible vendors, and we thank them.

AMP Saves You Money

  • Presorting your daily First Class Mail to receive the largest postage discounts available from the US Postal Service for First Class & Standard A (3rd) mail
  • Reducing the work force and payroll needed to handle your mail
  • Eliminating your need to buy expensive technological equipment, maintenance programs, equipment rental and leasing, and supplies for the equipment. AMP already has everything required to complete your projects.
  • Ensuring that you're mail and project designs conform to USPS Guidelines and achieve the lowest possible postage rates

AMP Saves You Time

  • Providing the state-of-the-art equipment needed to make every mail processing job more efficient and accurate.
  • Offering "One-Stop" service. AMP offers every step and service needed to create and process a successful direct mail project
  • Establishing a system and relationship with your company to guarantee that your mail is processed to your standards, on time and at the best savings possible
  • Custom designed processes for each client – services are provided and tailored to YOUR particular needs – you won’t find a ‘one size fits all’ mentality when you do business with Action Mail Presort.

Letter Shop

We offer a straight forward approach to Direct Mail and Marketing Services. We print, fold & insert letters & envelopes. AMP is the perfect company to prepare your statements or flyers for mailing.

FOLDING: Multiple folds, custom dimensions, multiple pages, precision alignment are but a few of the folding services we offer in the AMP Letter Shop. We can fold your document, such as a statement, so the printed address shows completely through a windowed envelope eliminating the need for labels or direct impression printing. This is possible with single or multiple pages folded together including up to 3 additional inserts. The folds are adjustable, allowing most dimensions of stock and envelopes. So regardless of your type of job (statements, flyers, brochures, thank you notes, mail-merged letters), Action Mail Presort can fold them to your specifications.

INSERTING: With the latest in inserting technology, Action Mail Presort is the perfect company to prepare your statements or flyers for mailing. We can insert various items into a single envelope; postcards, envelopes, brochures, etc. When we provide inserting services in conjunction with folding, metering, sealing and sorting, AMP can take your mail piece from start to finish, AND save you on postage. We can even design, produce and print your project using the Print Shop and Creative Services departments.

SEALING: We have more than enough “tongue-ology” to seal up all those envelopes full of your important materials, AND we can do it fast - no drips, no drooling!

METERING: Tongue chapped from all the licking and sticking? AMP can help. Our assortment of metering machines can meter any size mail piece, really fast. Therefore, if your meter is broken down or you just don't like the taste of those stamps anymore, our fast accurate meters can save you time and “dry mouth”. 


We presort and meter your daily mail and receive the largest postage discounts available from the US Postal Service. Offering you "One-Stop" service. AMP offers every step and service needed for mail processing.

1st Class or Standard A (3rd Class) Sorting 
We use an MLOCR (Multi-line Optical Character Reader, such as used by the Postal Service for mail handling) to automatically sort your mail to maximize speed and efficiency and minimize your costs!

CASS, MASS & USPS Certified Bulk Mail
As a USPS Site-Certified facility, Action Mail Presort, Inc. can process all your mailing needs, including 3rd Class and non- profit bulk mailings!

Handwritten Mail Bar-coded
AMP can barcode your handwritten addressed envelopes to allow you to take automated postage discounts on mail that previously ineligible for this discount. This is done on our MLOCR at speeds of 36,000 pieces per hour. Our MLOCR can read both script and printed handwritten addresses and apply the correct delivery point barcode. This greatly increases the speed of the mail piece through the Postal Service system and assures the mail is in the hands of the recipient as quickly as a typed addressed mail piece does.

Bar coding is the process of placing the USPS Approved Postnet Barcode, which is based on the actual address, on each mail piece to make processing the mail more efficient and accurate, as well as saving the mailer money. The barcode is different on each mail piece and constructed from portions of the actual address: ZIP Code, Address Range, Street Name, etc. AMP has sophisticated equipment used to read your addresses, process the proper barcode and print it on each mail piece. This process can be done before or after the address is printed or labeled on a mail piece. Bar-coding is available for First Class automation compatible letter mail, Standard Class automation compatible mail, and Non-profit automation compatible mail. There are multiple benefits of bar-coding your mail:

  • Postage Savings: Properly developed and printed barcodes will qualify your mail piece for significant postage discounts.
  • Efficiency: A barcode streamlines the mailing process allowing for quicker delivery of your processed mail.
  • Accuracy: A barcode increases the delivery accuracy of a mail piece.

Data Processing

AMP supports most forms of electronic media. The Internet and other methods of digital communications allow for fast turnarounds and on-line confirmations. AMP uses the latest merge/purge technologies to remove unwanted records, search, and destroy duplications.

Internet Data Transfers
Action Mail Presort supports most forms of electronic media. Our use of e-mail, Internet access and other methods of computerized communications allow for fast turnarounds and on-line confirmations. File transfers and document inspections can take place while voice conversations discuss the intended job or the files themselves. The World-Wide-Internet also enhances our abilities regarding Fulfillment and Job Tracking. This allows us to keep you updated, without requiring any of your valuable time.

Available Data Transfer Options - Internet FTP, Telnet, E-mail, Remote Access, Direct Connection via Modem, Facsimile and, of course, the ever-popular Voice Telephone.

Duplication Removal- Removal of Duplicate Addresses and Records
AMP uses the latest merge/purge technologies to remove unwanted address records, search, and destroy duplication. 

  • Minimize Sorting and Processing Costs by removing the files before sorted for mailing discounts.
  • Reduce number of mail pieces actually produced to the number you need to send, eliminating the waste of mailing unnecessary pieces.
  • You don't have to pay postage to send 2 of the same mail piece to "Jane" or the "John Doe Household"

A data or address file can be “de-dup’d” by a wide variety of criteria. The most common methods are:

  • One Per Person: A person with the same name and address is considered a duplicate
  • One Per Address: Any exact matching address is considered a duplicate
  • One Per Company: Send a single piece to each company
  • One Per Account: Ensure that every account receives a notice, even if a person gets two (sometimes required by policy or law)

Removing duplication is an easy, fast and inexpensive method of saving you time and money.

Print Shop

We guarantee Security, Confidentiality, Compliance & Privacy. Whether HIPAA or SOC,we are audit ready! Whether transmittable data, ideas sketched on a napkin or camera-ready art, we can help!

Direct Impression Printing- A More Handsome Alternative to Label
Direct Impression enhances the look of your mail piece by printing the merged Name and Address directly on the paper. By eliminating the label, your presentation appears to be more custom and personalized. Your potential clients will feel more like the select few, than the one of the masses. The Direct Impression Printer is used with full automation in mind: including Barcodes, Carrier Routes and Package Breaks. It is capable of printing on Envelopes, Postcards, Flats and just about anything else you need.

Form Design - Computer Based Graphic Design
It doesn't matter. We can create awesome designs for use at our own Print Shop, or via outside sources of your choice. We have the knowledge, the creativity and the experience. Simple, traditional, cutting-edge, elegant, futuristic, eye catching, moody, retro, industrial - pick your look. AMP can deliver.


Action Mail Presort has experienced, trained professionals working in all areas of our business. This provides us with a smooth flowing team that has combined knowledge to solve any problem. We can assist or advise you regarding your mail piece. We have information to help design and create a job that has impact, is cost effective and meets all USPS requirements.